Larry isn't real, bitches
lol bye

Ok Xxx

NO, DON'T GO! This is the first blog I check in the morning and the last I check at night! You're so brilliant! YOU CHANGED MY LIIIIIFE.

I’m sorry! Hopefully, you can carry this blog and all it has taught you throughout your life. Xxx

please don't go. you have shown me the light, the truth, have transformed my life. i will never be able to thank you enough for showing the truth of larry and their abusive relationship and the sadness and hatred and bad they have towards each other. bless you. bless your starbucks card. thank you eleanor.

I’m crying. You’re beautiful. Xxx

No don't go!

Aww. It honestly wasn’t supposed to stay up any longer than one night though. Xxx

Noo bb I'll miss you, thank you for showing me the light~~

I’ll miss you too, anon. You’re welcome, go forth and spread the word Xxx

i have a theory that you're lily halpern.

I’ve never seen Flubber. Xxx

i cant tell if your posts are joking or not. do you think they hate eachother or are you just making fun of the fact that larry shippers make up all that shit

They hate each other, I’m not making fun of anything. Xxx

bby come back.. :( </3

I’m back. Xxx